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Our Service Procedure – Totally Free Package

Discuss your options with one of our education consultants. We help you select the best courses at the best universities based on your academic background.


We help you gather all the documents you need to apply. We will check if everything is accurate and ready for your application.


We fill in your application form and do everything for you within a day so you can just sit back and relax while waiting for your offer. We also make sure if you need to do a pre-sessional English course before your degree course and apply for that with you as well.

Visa & Accommodation

Our certified visa advisors will apply for your visa free of charge with our success rate being over 90%. Our accommodation department will also help you find a home in the UK to ensure you are settled before your course starts.

Career Advice

While in the UK, you are invited to many networking & career fairs we organise year on year for international students. We also help you polish your job hunting during your study and after your graduation.

  • Nur Liyana Law
    University of Kent

    MSc Human Resource Management

    *Nur Liyana Law is also the proud recipient of the GREAT Scholarship which is worth £10,000.

    Previously I did not know that UKEC exists until a pre-departure briefing organised by Kent Malaysian Society. 

    Recalling my first experience with UKEC, I was amazed at how quick they respond to my email and not only that, one of the staff, Miss Jay contacted me personally to discuss my visa application.

    Also, setting an appointment was such an ease too. On the day of meeting, I was greeted by the friendly and lovely UKEC members that put me in ease throughout the day. 

    As a first-time applicant, Miss Jay provided me clear and detailed explanation about the process. In addition, she guided me through the application process and assured that everything would be alright. 

    This shows their professionalism with students and applications. I am truly grateful to Miss Jay and UKEC for assisting me. 

    Definitely would recommend to others who want to apply to study in the UK!

  • Serena Wong
    The University of Sheffield

    BA (Hons) International Business Management with Study Abroad

    *Serena is also the proud recipient of the International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship 2020 which is worth 50% of her annual tuition fee worth £8,800 per annum.

    Upon my arrival in the United Kingdom, the sight before me felt surreal. It behoved me to take a moment to reminisce about my journey to the University of Sheffield.

     The myriad exams and self-studying left almost no time to sit and ponder over my university application but I knew it could not be left unattended. During my December break after my AS Examinations, I decided to visit UKEC Sunway; a beloved teacher recommended their services to me. 

    Being on a first-name basis with my education counsellor, Charlotte did throw me off but five minutes into meeting her, I absolutely adored how enthusiastic and friendly she was. Prior to that meeting, she had communicated with me to withhold some foundational information about myself that would prove vital to the whole process. This was something I appreciated greatly as we wasted no time during our first meeting where we came up with a list of prospective universities. She also ensured I was well-informed on the entirety of the UCAS process and the following steps I would need to take should I want to study in the UK. From, fixing up a UCAS portfolio to communicating with universities, it was a worry-free journey. Charlotte lifted up a big portion of my burden and I am tremendously grateful to her. Now that I think about it, it warms my heart to know I had zero uncertainty when I entrusted such a big task to Charlotte- especially given how tedious and scary the procedure can be. 

    UKEC Sunway had also planned numerous events for both applicants and their parents so that either parties are confident in the steps they need to take for the application process to be smooth and panic-free.

  • Low Weng Lam
    BPP University

    Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)

    The application for the Bar Professional Training Course is tedious and complicated. It was an ultimate pain to be making tons of important decisions when I was already stressful enough on my final year of Law degree.

    Fortunately, I found UKEC and my educational counsellor was very helpful, friendly and professional in guiding me throughout the application. UKEC is definitely highly recommended!

  • Khoo Lik Heng
    Nottingham Trent University

    LLB (Hons) Law

    My journey with UKEC has been nothing more than promising.

    Before I met Charlotte, I felt that it was difficult to complete the visa process as it was very confusing. However, after I’ve met her everything changed for the better. She’s one of the most consistent, hard-working, considerate and wise persons I’ve ever met.

    I would recommend UKEC anytime. Thanks to her I’m already in the UK finishing my third year. Consider UKEC. No regrets.

  • Najihah Ngaimin
    The University of Sheffield

    PhD Architecture

    Studying in the UK has always been my life-long dream. However, applying to a foreign university is a long-winding process. I was searching for a perfect education agent when I came across UKEC on Instagram. My experience with UKEC have been amazing since day 1 when my counsellor picked up my call. A special thanks for her assistance and patience with me throughout the entire process. Whenever I have any inquiries, she will instantly reply my WhatsApp chat and clarify with me. She and the other staffs of UKEC are very efficient and possessing solid knowledge about UK universities. 

    Hence, I would highly recommend UKEC for those who wanted to pursue their UK dream like me. Because of UKEC, I am here today, a PhD Architecture student at The University of Sheffield, one of the leading architecture schools in the world. This would not have been possible without their support and help. Thank you UKEC!

  • Nik Farah Syamimi Binti Nik Hamdan
    The University of Law

    LLM in Corporate Governance

    UKEC was a great help for me in making applications to UK universities.

    My counsellor, Shiefa helped me through my entire application. She was very quick and efficient. Not to mention, friendly too! I am absolutely grateful for her service.

    Highly recommend UKEC to anyone wishing to further their studies in the UK as the staff at UKEC will provide vast information according to your inquiries and will guide you closely in the applications.

  • Hanini Binti Mohd Zaki
    Newcastle University

    BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

    Charlotte was my counsellor and with her help, I was able to move forward with an unconditional offer to visa applications and so on. I love how fast she would respond to me and patiently replying all my enquiries. No doubt she has helped me tremendously in the whole process.

    I'd recommend UKEC to all students who wish to apply abroad.

  • Jessie Sow
    University of East Anglia

    PGCE Primary (specialising in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1)

    Early this March, I planned to further my studies in the UK but I had no clue how to go about it. I stumbled upon UKEC’s website and contacted them immediately. They responded right away and connected me to Charlotte.

    The course I wanted to pursue was not a popular one and I am glad she put in the effort to research the course for me. I felt well supported throughout my journey from having to prepare the documents to sending my application and all the way till I arrived in the UK. I thought that I wouldn’t make it to the September intake but they proved otherwise!

    A big thank you to UKEC and Charlotte for making this journey a smooth one and turning my dream into reality!

  • Prithinah Subramaniam
    University of Greenwich

    BSc (Hons) Psychology

    I was pretty lost when I first started doing some research about universities in the UK. 

    While researching, I came across UKEC's website and decided to give it a try. That's when I received a call from Jay. 

    Jay was really helpful through it all. She even stayed up with me until 2:00am on one occasion just to complete my last-min visa application. I also attended the UKEC's pre-departure event. 

    While it was fun, it was also very useful as they gave us all the important information that was needed before and after arriving in the UK. 

    I would definitely recommend UKEC to students who are planning to study in the UK as they are all very friendly and will help to the best of their abilities.

  • Aisyah Shamsuddin
    University of Kent

    MSc Reproductive Medicine: Science and Ethics

    UKEC is the best education agency that I’ve ever known! It offers wonderful services to all students who want to study abroad. The counsellors are very helpful, dedicated and excellent in monitoring student’s progress.

    My counsellor, Shiefa provided me all the necessary information prior to university and visa application. They even held some events such as Offer Holder’s Day and pre-departure briefing, which were very entertaining yet informative.

    I’ve recommended UKEC to my friend, and she is happy with the service as well. Therefore, UKEC is the best option for those who want to pursue their study in the UK and I would definitely recommend their service to others.

  • Mohd Azreq Khan
    The University of Edinburgh

    MSc Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

    Upon receiving my offer from university, I had no idea of what to do next and kept searching for the procedures. Starting from searching for accommodation towards Visa application, it was completely difficult as there were loads of readings needed to be done in a short period of time. 

    However, my miserable life disappeared quickly when I found UKEC! There was nothing to be worried about except for preparation of necessary documents. 

    I received frequent and fast feedback from them prior to the new journey. Jay even spent half a day completing the Visa application for both my wife’s and mine. The best part is.... EVERYTHING IS FREE!! We were glad that we had the solutions to our issues at no cost.

    I wished I found them much earlier to ease the path to study abroad. Thus, for everyone out there, please keep an eye for UKEC to make sure you are doing it right with the offer of peace of mind.

With over 20 years specialising in UK higher education and global headquarters within the UK (Manchester), UKEC has enrolled more than 60,000 students to date. Partnered with more than 120 universities and counting with a rating of 9.4 out of 10 for our customer service, we are proud of the advantages and quality service we offer to our students. You can choose to study at any UK universities, whether they are in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, as well as UK degrees outside of the UK such as Malaysia, China, Singapore and the U.A.E. We're committed to helping you find the right course and university for your success.

The main concern we hear from students we've helped so far is having the time and capacity to process overloading information about studying abroad, from how to choose courses and subjects to universities, entry requirements, application procedures, required documents, personal statement, scholarship, deadlines, accommodation, visa etc. Nobody wants to take a gamble on a life-changing decision and should not, which is why we exist.

As the official representative of more than 100 UK universities and with 14 offices throughout the UK, we are always on top of the latest university entry criteria, policy, trends and changes. UKEC also has an in-house training department to ensure all our counsellors are qualified to offer counselling and advice to students.

We are proud of the systems we've put in place and how we have made students’ lives easier. We have unparalleled focus on each and every of our student client where we do all the heavy-lifting work for them. In our most recent customer service survey, students from Malaysia have scored our counsellors a modest 9.4 out of 10 for the service we offered. Quoting what our students often say “The best part is.... everything is FREE!”

*No other education agency in Malaysia has a training and customer service department and we are indeed student-focused and want to make sure our service quality is always assured.

That is completely fine! Everything starts with this discovery session JUST SO we can assist you with all your questions and understand your personal needs. 

If given your circumstances we're able to recommend you suitable universities that match your background and needs, you have a choice to let us help you with the entire process. If so, we will assign a dedicated counsellor who will walk you through the entire process and prepare you for an exciting overseas study journey.

We welcome parents and friends to come along to this counselling and discovery session together to have more clarity and mental support!

No one gets left behind. We help students at all levels; High school (SPM, IGCSE), Pre-University (A-level, IB, UEC, Foundation), Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students to pursue their next academic journey.
It's not just the initial counselling which many people fear. Everything from helping you with UCAS and VISA application, finding accommodation, advice of any sort (living, traveling, career), attending our various UK experience events, is completely FREE of charge. No hidden fees or charges, no deposits. Best of all, we offer UCAS fee-waiver to our students.
Our address is 7B, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Our office is on the first floor and we are open 9.30am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. We are only 3 minutes' walk from Sunway University's gate (near myBurgerLab). Our neighbours are Maria's SteakCafé (Sunway), Offside Cafe, Feng Cha, Cat & The Fiddles Cakes & Anwar Maju. You can also find us on Google Map or Waze:
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